Show Us Your Best Edit And Win An Awesome Camera Bag


This week we are up for some editing fun and on today’s challenge you get to interpret a photo shot by photographer Dave Kai Piper. We are including a completely RAW format of the photo so you can gave as much play as you want.

The one that Dave likes best will get its editor a sweet Blue CityWalker 20 camera bag from Think Tank.

Rules are simple:

  1. Download the original file in either RAW or jpg format
  2. Edit to your liking.
  3. upload your edit in the comments and send a mail to to [email protected] with a link to the comment and your contact details. Subject should be best edit contest. Make sure you include your name, your website if you have one and a way to contact you if you win
  4. Submissions end in two weeks, on August 7th.
  5. Once we round everything up, Dave will select a winner and they will get a nifty camera bag.

Here are some pointers:

  • You are not limited to any type of edit, it can be as subtle as coloring/grading the photo or as wild as placing five-eyed monsters on the road.
  • Make it as awesome as you can. We only have one bag.
  • We’ll ship the bag anywhere in the world. We’ll pay shipping. You may need to pay customs.
  • Yes, it is open world wide.
  • Dave Kai Piper will be the sole judge and jury, I am told he likes Swiss Chocolate.
  • You retain all right for your edits (well, you have to contact Dave if you wanna do anything with it outside the contest), and license us for using the edit for the contest and contest promotion. But…
  • Feel free to share the edit and let the world know how awesome you are.

And most importantly have fun.