Should You Shoot RAW Or JPG?

A Visual Guide For RAW vs JPG

Should you shoot RAW or JPG? Every photographer asks this at a certain point.

The fine guys at SLR Lounge did something I love to do. the pixel peeped the hell out of a RAW and a JPG shot under the same conditions giving an in depth analisys on how jpg and raw files behave under every day use scenarios.

The comparison takes images shot with a Canon 5D mkII and a 50mm/1.4 lens and compares various frames: both “correct” images and “badly” exposed images. looking at both the “out of camera” versions and the lightroom “fixed” versions of the files.

If you are a photographer or a computer fanatic (or a fanatic photographer) this is a very interesting read.

RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Visual Guide

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