Is Shooting A Video On Film Still Worth It?

You know Steven. He is the crazy hacker who made the Battlefield Pinhole Camera (and others….). This time around he sent me his latest music video. Here is the thing, it was shot 100% on film, and well worth the effort.

The clip was shot with a rented Aaton LTR 54, using a full Zeiss Prime f/1.2 series lens kit (80mm, 50mm, 35mm, 25mm, 16mm, 12mm, 9,5mm, 5,6mm aspheron)

First, this clip is just oozing with creativity, but that alone does not justify film. I asked Steven why he shot this on film and basically he has two reasons:

The first one was the physical qualities of the film, huge latitude and grain:

I was amazed by the exposure latitude of the film (kodak vision 3 500T & 250D), I shot some scenes in broad daylight, and there are a lot of details in the shadows while the sky is far from being overexposed.

…the grain is very cool too, there is a lot of it in the night scenes, but it’s not as upsetting as digital noise…

video-movies-01But that was not enough, the other reason was that look that s very hard to get with digital effects:

…most of all, you can mistreat the actual film!

video-movies-03 video-movies-02

What do you think, is there still room for shooting movies on film?

  • Thomas Jakob Brablec

    The Walking Dead’s producers seem to think so.

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Do people still paint and draw, even though they could take pictures instead?

    I think one of the great things about digital photography is that its helping to remind people of the tactility and unique characteristics of film. Today if you choose film, you are doing so intentionally. There’s a lot of creativity being poured into it now. Film will never die.

  • Konvaseur

    I don’t think digital was meant to replace film. Some people who never shot film might not agree. You can’t playback without a tap tethered to a recorder but I’m sure someone has already hooked up an iPhone for that. You really need to view the telecine first hand to see the quality. 16mm is beautiful. Get a 2perf “scope”35mm and it will cost approx.what 16 does. Sure,you can mimic film from digital in post but the immediacy shooting with film is a different game. How many DSLR shooters use an exposure meter,or even know how? What’s a foot candle? Digital is great,don’t get me wrong.Features are shooting film for outdoors and digital indoors for obvious reasons. Can’t stand digital blur/ghosting from panning. The image isn’t there until the pan stops. Guess I was just weaned on film. You pays your money you takes your choice.