Shooting the Team – The Tranquil Boss

the-little-professor.jpgWhen I first thought of making a photography project where I work, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it with THE BOSS.

THE BOSS was really enthusiastic about the idea and was the first to get his portrait taken.

So, here is the tale of how I shot my boss and lived to tell the tale.

This is the point where I am gonna stop calling him THE BOSS and tell you that his name is Yossi.

Yossi is a very calm dude person. He is one of those guys that when everybody is running around to meet a deadline, makes sure we are running at the right direction. And calmness is the main feature that we wanted to show in Yossi’s portrait.

Another nice thing about Yossi is his car. In a high-tech world where everybody drives nice fancy big Dollar cars, Yossi is true to his love – a bitten up Citroen BX from the early 90’s. When once asked him about tithe told me that “Citroen BX is not a car, it is a way of life”. So, the car had to go into the shot.

Lastly I wanted to say that Yossi is a great boss, loved by all and is an example of fine, sharp management. Always bringing results, and gives true guidance. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that I asked for a raise last month, or the fact that I know that you are reading this blog).

Here is the final portrait. It shows Yossi, doing a Yogi pose on the hood of his beloved car.


Pose and Settings

To show the calmness of Yossi we decided to make the portrait when he is sitting in a Yogi pose. Peace.

To mark the eternal connection between Yossi and his beloved Citroen BX, we shot the portrait with Yossi sitting right on the hood.

The location was the underground parking lot of the place we work in. If you’ll remember were in the final phases of a big project, which meant that the lot was empty by the time we finished working for the day. We were almost not interrupted. The occasional drive by just ignored the two crazy guys with the umbrellas that were sitting on a car.

Lighting and Setup


The main dilemma for this portrait was how to handle the background. To get it……..

I used all my Nikon SBs (that three) to light this scene. The Nikon SB26 and Nikon SB28 fired with two cents cheapo cost effective radio flash triggers.

I first set up the key light – an SB800 on an umbrella to camera right. I set it to half power with a relatively tight spread of 85.

Next I placed a gridded SB28 (the grid is DIY of course). I set it to shoot at 1/16 power. I used it just to give some rim light to Yossi’s cheek. This gave the left side a clear rim and provided background separation.

The last lighting element to complete this set up was a flash inside the car to give it a spacy look.

To follow up on the rest of the shoots check out this link or visit the DIYP flickr group, where I post the images.

And as I said before, Yossi is the best boss in the world, Yossi is the best boss in the world, Yossi is the best boss in the world, Yossi is the best boss in the world, did I get that raise yet?

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