Shooting Drawers In A 4 Days Time Lapse At A Time

Boutique carpenter Brian Grabski wanted to take moving shot of a set of drawers he built . To make things just a bit more interesting, had wanted some lilies to open up during the shot.

Well, you can’t just make lilies open, these things take time… So Brian hooked up with Peter Kerwin and Josh Van Patter to set up a time lapse dolly connected to an Arduino board, a camera and an intervalometer and let it roll for four days at a time during a 2 weeks shooting period.

Running a time-lapse for four days may sound like a trivial thing, but there are multiple challenged to win. starting from the fact that even the slowest motor was too fast; through controlling light; and maintaining power.

There are some interesting things going on in the way that Brian set this up. Most notably is the fact that unlike usual time-lapse setups where the Arduino operates the camera, in this project, the Arduino pickls up the LED light on the flsh card to know that a shot was taken and it is time to move.

Brian also shows how he controlled the light for four days by tinfoiling the windows and using daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs.

Brian has some BTS that explains the process as well as an informative post on the project.

[Multi-day moving time-lapse]