Shoot Sculpture People Made With Starch And Sub-Woofer

Shoot Scalpture People Made With Starch And Sub-WooferTurns out that mixing water and starch creates a mixture that interacts with sound in an interesting way.

Photographer Chris Tomkins send this video along with some instructions on producing the mixture and getting onto a tray over a sub woofer.

For some reason , the images taken while the basses are thundering resemble little people. This is true for lots of similar experiments. interesting.

The plan of action was very simple.

  • Mix up some oobleck using cornstarch(we used cornflour) and water
  • Most recipes I found say 1.5 parts corn-starch to 1 part water but we ended up adjusting the mixture to suit as we went. The ingredients are so simple you can play with it.
  • Pour it into a tray
  • Slap the tray on a sub-woofer/speaker
  • Ramp up the bass.

To avoid having to spend too much time poking the mixture and holding the tray down we simply used masking tape on the underside of the tray, strapping it directly to the speaker, which basically served the purpose necessary and meant we could concentrate on things like focus/aperture/shutterspeed/etc.

Chris suggest using colored water and/or gels to create a more interesting effect.