Shoot, Edit, Upload In Under 2 Hours – Jeff Cable’s Setup For The Winter Olympics

If you thought that the mere act of shooting the Olympics is nerve wreaking, wait until you find out that the deadline for delivering the photos (tagged and edited) is only two hours.

Shoot, Edit, Upload In Under 2 Hours - Jeff Cable's Setup For The Winder Olympics

Olympic Shooter Jeff Cable (blog) shares how his delivery deadlines went from 12 hours when he started shooting the games to 2 hours at the latest London games.

For this Jeff uses two tricks that he shares he uses uber fast gear, and he has a 99% automatic setup.

For gear Jeff uses the fastest cars Lexar has to offer: The x1066 pro cards along with a Lexar USB3 card reader fed into an SSD equipped Apple Macbook.

For workflow, it seems that Jeff does not have to perform any mundane job and uses PhotoMechanic for sorting, tagging, FTPing, and ICPTing. Practically everything but the actual selection and photoshop edits.

You can read the full setup and workflow over at Jeff’s blog, along with peeking into the gallery he is updating for the US Hockey team.

[Crazy fast deadlines and workflow via cblaz]

  • jason bourne

    “Winder” Olympics?

  • Jon

    That’s impressive, because he’s basically a one-man show. But equally impressive are the setups from AP and Getty:

    From picture to front page in 3 minutes…

  • Jenn

    Double-check the article – he had 2 hours at the London Olympics but now he is editing and uploading during breaks. Only 14 minutes!