Share Your Blog, Site or Gallery With DIYP Readers

librarianProblem: I really love blogging about photography and DIY and all this great stuff you can find in the site. I get to share my ideas with you wonderful readers and get great feedback by reading the comments and tuning in on the DIYP flicker group.

I hope that you as readers share the same feeling and enjoy the communication on this site.

I do feel that this information flow can be taken to a higher level by letting DIYP readers to better know each other. (And letting me to know you better in the process).

Solution: To help the DIYP community to learn more about who you are show us what you do as a photographer? Show off with your work.

Request: So how can we make it better? Please post a link to your blog, site, gallery or flickr account in the comments section. Feel free to add some text describing who you are, what you like (and what you like to photograph).

On December 12th, I will share all the great sites, Galleries and blogs that you have posted. Posting the galleries and blogs will help everyone to know a little about the DIYP community.

What’s in it for you? As a site / blog / gallery owner you will be sharing your work with more than 80,000 readers of DIYP across the world. As a reader, you will get to know the other readers that make DIYP such a great place.

What’s in it for me? I will get to know you better. I will also start some interaction between DIYP readers and myself as well as some interaction between DIYP readers.
Image by Cindi.

  • adina

    Hi, DIYP.. i think i am too late to fill this comment, but i am sure that iti is better too late than nothing. ^^
    It is very nice to meet you and this blog.
    May i introduce little bit about myself? thank you

    i am not a photographer yet, i am still learning with this new knowledge. But i am sure i have a passion in this filed.

    i’ve started to take photos on february 2012. it is a newbie, right? yes, it is one of the most expensive hobby in my opinion. So, First time, i was affraid to start falling into this hobby, but i do realize that my passion on photography support me.

    Then, time fly, and it is almost 2 years i can mantain to fallin in love with photography.

    So, please come in

  • Monsieur Bowtie

    Howdy there all you wonderful Photogs!
    i’m a self taught full time photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. not quite sure where my main focus is at the moment [still working that out] but i have been covering everything from fashion, to weddings, to commercial stuff. you can find my stuff at

  • Jessica Newman
  • Susana