Seven DIY Video Photography Projects For HD-DSLRers and Videographers

Videography DIYIt looks like where ever we look HD-DSLRs are gaining momentum and more and more photographers are using videography as a way to express themselves, to offer services to their customers and to create art.

No wonder with HD-DSLRs like Nikon’s D300s and Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II you can use all your exquisite optics and get results that will not shame a pro video cam.

With all that it is no wonder that video DSLR started getting some hacks and mods.  [image by blhphotography]

Gearless Follow Focus

DIY Follow Focus

Follow focus is a mechanism used to allow precise focusing by the camera operator or assistance. If you ever wondered what the Camera First Assistance does, he is usually vein attached to this rig, making sure the focus is as the cameraman wants it to be. Instructions here.

Jib / Camera Crane

DIY reall cool Jib

Camera Cranes are used to provide the camera a way to “hover” in three dimensional space. The way they work is that a small movement on the
operator side translates to a big movement on the camera side. instructions: part 1, part 2.

Simpler Jib / Camera Crane

DIY camera Crame / Jib

If you’re looking for a faster build with a bit less functionality you can go for this simple crane. The tutorial is just one of the simplest cranes to build. Instructions here.


DIY Steadycam

Steadicams are used to help the photographer achieve smooth movement. Designs vary, but the same principles apply, where you create a smooth movement mechanism and complete it with some weight to shift the center of gravity below the camera. This one is pretty close to the Industrial Merlin Tiffen and is pretty complex to make, though very rewarding. Instructions here.

Glidecam Steadicam

diy steadicam

This steadicam is less slick looking, though it provides the same smooth motion. It does not feature the cool Tiffen handle, but the construction time is significantly shorter. Instruction here.

And Another Steadicam

diy steadicam

This last Steadicam (in my mind) is the easiest to build. It does not feature any bearing for smooth tilting, but it will only take 5 minutes to build. Instructions here.

LCD Flip

DIY LCD flip

LCD flips allow you to control where and how you watch the LCD screen. Basically they are similar to the periscope mechanism you have in submarines, only small and mount on your video cam. We love cardboard hacks, so find your instructions here.

Do you know other videograophy hacks and mods? share with us in the comments.

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