The Sensor Gel Stick – Clean Your Sensor Like A Pro

If you are one of those who always procrastinate on sensor cleaning like me you may be happy to learn that the “sensor cleaning” field is not without innovation. The folks at Photography Life came up with a new technique (or at least new to the masses) of cleaning the sensor using a gelled stick.

The Sensor Gel Stick - Clean Your Sensor Like A Pro

The system work by applying a small cube of sticky gel (which is stickier than the sensor) to the sensor and picking up any dust or oil. Then to clean the gel cube, you apply the cube to a sticky paper (which is stickier than the gel). The result should be a quick and safe clean sensor.

While getting the camera sensor exposed always gives me the chills, the fact that there are no liquids involved make me feel better, though I am not sure if this feeling has any scientific grounds.

The Sensor Gel stick is available for pre-order and according to Photography life, it should start shipping mid March.

The set costs $40 with each extra pack of sticky papers sold at $13 over at the Photography Life site.

[Sensor Gel Stick via The Phoblographer | PetaPixel]

  • Sam Jost

    Looks like the SpeckGrabber (which did not work very well for me)

  • atiratha

    Two words – Pentax O-ICK1 – been available for ages. Same principle, larger sticky papers…

    • atiratha

      Also, works like a charm

    • Kelvin 5500

      I haved the Pentax O-ICK1 for several years. It is excellent.

  • Paganator

    Nice, but overpriced. $13 for a stack of sticky paper?

  • damianvines

    Dust-Aid Platinum Silicone DSLR Sensor Cleaner is the same thing, been around for years. Doesn’t actually work perfectly, but it’s a good start. I almost always have to resort to using the wand, fabric and liquid. I’d say these sticky methods get about 75% to 80% of the way there.