A Semi Practical Tablecloth And A Belt Camera Pouch

Here is a fun tutorial, though I am not sure on how practical it is. Unless, of course, you are just coming back from an excellent Italian dinner and have to remove your belt because your tummy is so big.

A Semi Practical Tablecloth And A Belt Camera Pouch

This tutorial by Carryology shows you how to makeshift a camera carrying case from an Italian table cloth and a spare belt.

While I am not sure about how practical this tip is, if you are willing to go through the effort, the result is as cute as it can get.

Do it & Carry it – Chapter One | Carryology


  1. Mike says

    Insurance person: So how did you damage your camera?
    Person who made this: Well I was riding my bike with my £2,000 camera and lens in a tablecloth that I’d cut up and tied to myself with a belt.

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