Selfies From Nature – What If Animals Took Selfies?


If you are sick from hearing about selfies, raise your hand. People taking selfies has gotten way to much attention over the last year. But what if animals took selfies, that would be fresh, right? This is what art director Silvio Medeiros thought and executed a beautiful campaign featuring wild animals selfies for the National Geographic Collection.

The motto is pretty clever riding on last year’s trend:

There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there.
National Geographic Collection.
The best of nature images are here.

The project took 2 months to complete and while usually we only see the finished product, Silvio explains the motives behind the campaign, and gives us a sneak peek into concept, shooting and the edit stages.  – The gorilla, panda and kangaroo ads were shot with a 5D MKIII, while the koala and bear ads were shot with a hasselblad 2 – both using a 35mm lens

The whole idea is to show people that even during “selfies” and “instagram” fever, decent images can still be produced


 Here are more photos from this interesting series:

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[Selfies From Nature via behance]