See How Color Blind Photographer Captures Amazing Colors


Here is a photography twist on “more than meets the eye”. Photographer Tomer Razabi is known for his amazing captures of the dead sea. (Head over to his dead sea portfolio for some incredible views.

This is why I was kind of surprised to learn that Tomer is actually color blind. I thought that this was pretty weird as his photographs are extremely vivid and true. He made those photos to explain how he sees the world. Imagine this: the leading photo is kinda close to reality (a little saturated, right, but not that far off); the photo after the jump is how Tomer sees the world.


This is how Tomer explains it: In the photos you can see how I see the world. The red/orange photos are how normal people see they get the full color. The yellowish photos are what I see them. Actually, I barely see any difference between them…

tomer-full-color2 tomer-color-blind2

Tomer ends with an inspiring message:

Being color blind poses many difficulties for me as a landscape photographer, mainly in the editing part. It took me a long time to develop a workflow and a sense of how I need to edit properly. I managed to do so with the help of good and skillful friends like Tal Duek Photography. Even today I still consult with people I appreciate before I finish working on a photo and send it out to the world.

If you struggle achieving results you want, don’t give up! It’s a matter of learning, trying, consulting and improving till you get to where you want

  • Marco2k7

    Wait is he completely color blind or just…partially?

    Cause I am 😀

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    I find that as a color blind photography I rely more and more on the ColorChecker Passport and Color Munki to help achieve the most accurate color. It may never be perfect, but that is part of what makes color blind photographers interesting.

  • catlett

    The camera that captures it isn’t color blind and modern DSLRs are pretty accurate with colors so I am kind of missing what is so amazing here. Yea whoever is processing probably needs to rely on histograms but that is a best practice for anybody.

  • innovatology

    Joel Grimes is color blind too.

  • CaptNemo

    From the pictures I see online, more photographers are color blind, only yet to find out…