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How To Capture Motion Trails While Freezing Subjects Using Shutter Drag

I love how Benjamin Von Wong approaches each of his projects with a loads of creativity and enthusiasm. You just know that he’s always trying something new and in his latest project – The Red Mistress, he proves it yet again! Some of the more outstanding photographs from this project are a combination of capturing frozen motions with a combination of continuous light and strobes.

How To Capture Motion Trails While Freezing Subjects Using Shutter Drag

In the following post Ben shares the motivation and technical steps neede to create this kind of photograph. Check it out after the jump!

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Shooting Suspended Nude Hang From Chains (NSFW)

One of the nice things about how the online photography community is the frictionless flow of information and knowledge. Where talented photographers share not only their pictures, but also their motivation, setups and considerations for making a shoot.

Take this blog post and video by Benjamin Von Wong (who’s been featured quite a bit on the blog) describing a shoot of a charcoal covered stripper. 

Shooting Suspended Nude Hang From Chains (NSFW)

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Shooting In Public? This Is How Ben Did It!

Hey guys, this is Benjamin Von Wong, Montreal Based Photographer, and I wanted to take a couple minutes today of your time to give you guys a couple quick tips on how to control your sets when shooting in public!

Shooting In Public?

In my latest tour across Europe with fellow videographer Erwan Cloarec , we happened to be in the middle of a bunch of ruins with girls dressed in leather… and of course before we even began to shoot we were interrupted by busloads of tourists that came to check out what was happening. Before continuing on this blog post, I invite you guys to check out the BTS video!

[Udi: Ben recently started a blog, and if you like the stuff he’s been posting on DIYP, there is a pretty good chance you’ll get addicted to Ben’s fast pasted, tons of info style posts over there as well]

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Setting A Model On Fire. Twice.

Benjamin Von Wong is no stranger to this blog. In his latest installment Ben shares how he lit his model on fire.

For me it was very interesting to watch this BTS as it is a second run of shoot that did not go well for Ben, which at least for me, sends out a clear message about pushing yourself and not giving up. It was also interesting to see that Ben did not fled the windy conditions that interfered with his first shoot but embraced that in the second one.

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Shooting Tango In The Streets Of Montreal [BTS]

Hey guys, this is Von Wong, Montreal Based Conceptual Photographer. I recently did a Tango themed photoshoot around the Old Port here in Montreal. Udi thought it would be interesting to provide a little more detail than in the actual Behind the Scenes video developing a little more into specific shots, lighting techniques and the dynamics of doing an unplanned photoshoot with a small team so…hope you guys enjoy!

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