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Build a Lynny – a DIY Lensbaby

Build a Lynny - a DIY LensbabyThis DIY project from Cameron Texter is made after a Lensbaby, but is built completely different. And when we say completely, we mean with tape. It’s made of only parts of an extension tube and macro filters. If you pushed me the wall, I would say that it is similar to the Lensbaby Muse, but even more similar to the original Lensbaby, because of the images having a blue glow around bright whites and silvers in the resulting photographs, and because of the fact that the images aren’t that sharp and have a “dreamy” soft focus look to them. (and they aren’t that sharp just as the sea isn’t that dry). The concept is similar to the bendy and plunger lenses but uses tape and extension tubes rather than a plunger.

The build is pretty simple. You just have to have the right parts to do this project, Here are the good news – if you are into macro photography, you should have the parts. [Read more…]