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The Winner Of Our How I Took It Contest Is….

The Winner Of Our How I Took It Contest Is....

So, new year is just around the corner and I am in a debt for announcing our How I Took It contest winners. A debt that I am about to clear today.

Whichever way I look at it, it was an awesome ride, starting with a killer team of sponsors which contributed over $6300 in prizes through the on going buzz, and most importantly the submissions made to the contest by you.

I got a few questions about how the judging process went, so I thought I will clarify about that before listing the winners. basically it all came down to a huge excel sheet containing over 100 submissions. Each submission was rated by the amount of likes, retweets and G+ mentions that it got and fed into a formula Score=(3xTweets)+(2xLikes)+(6xG+). The highest scores won the contest. [Read more…]