Science As Never Seen Before – Fabian Oefner Talks Photography

Fabian Oefner: Psychedelic science

Photography is a rare thing in the way it intersects between science and art. Swiss photographer / scientist Fabian Oefner captures exactly that intersection.

Using high speed photography, precise triggering and understanding of light Fabian photographs the wonders that happen when mixing fluids with magnets, powder with speakers and paint with centrifuges.

In his TED talk, Fabian explains his inspiration, his process and performs a few live demos of his Psychedelic science.

[Fabian Oefner: Psychedelic science | TED via AmericanMustache]

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  • opinator

    I don’t think it’s so much that photography relates to science in a special way, but the way photography relates to reality. It documents it, it captures a moment of it, a perception of it. It intersects life, and life is art and science and more.