Say Hi @PMA

Every now and then the photography industry get together and see whats lined up for the next few months/years.

Actually, one of those events is going on right now at Vegas, the PMA@CES. It is pretty impressive to see big guns like Canon and Nikon show off their stuff, but to me it is way more interesting to see what’s some of the smaller companies are doing, and looking at the innovation that is going on at the fringe.

It is even cooler to get to hang out and exchange ideas, gear thoughts and photography love with photographers and innovators from across the world. (it is actually one of the nicer things on the blog too).

If you are at PMA (or the bigger CES) and want to get it touch I would be honored. Please send me a mail or DM me on Twitter to get in touch.

I will try to moderate comments at least once a day, please be patient with me.