Say Hello To Trade Secret Cards

Please join me is saying hello to Trade Secret Cards as a new sponsor on DIYP.

Trade Secret Cards are a set of trading cards that approach inspiration, lighting and picture taking in an innovative way.

Each card features an image on the front and a setup / discussion on the back. They are great for learning lighting, getting ideas and inspiration and for reference.

There are now two decks of cards available for purchase: The Strobist gallery fav deck (as in Flickr fav), and the Chase Jarvis Portrait sessions deck. I reviewed the Strobist deck when it went out.

The decks are edited by Zeke Kamm, the Editor of Nice Magazine. They are made from high quality stock cards with UV coating and feel great in your hand.

It is sponsors like Trade Secret Cards, Bokeh Masters Kit and Wix that enable this site to remain free, and for this I am grateful.