‘Saddest’ Picture From Space Shows Rockets Flying Over Gaza And Israel


Usually when we share something from the International Space Station (ISS) it is some awesome time lapse or incredible captures of earth and stars. Today however, our share is not as happy.

German Astronaut Alexander Gerst  shows how the awful things we do on earth is seen from space, in a post and a tweet titled ‘My saddest photo yet ‘ Alexander shares a picture showing the rockets flying the the middle east skirmish (war?) in Gazza.

The post has been shared over 2,500 times and re-tweeted over 28,000 times. This does not thing but turn me really sad.

Please don’t turn this a political post, political comments will be erased!

  • thebeline

    (This is not political): How is this not political? I, personally do not know enough about the conflict to hold up in an internet debate on the matter, but what else can a post of this nature be? You either need to accept that this is a politically charged image and keep it up and let what happens happen, or, you need to accept that this is a politically charged photograph and remove it, because you don’t want to deal with that.

    Honestly, though, what else does this come down to? What else can we say?

    While it is a pretty picture, I doubt anyone will find it within themselves to say “Oh, pretty.” Because, well, death and conflict.

    It’s dark: maybe some can comment on it’s exposure. But then, death and conflict, yep, exposure will solve the problems in this frame.

    As a content provider on the internet, understand the repercussions of the content you provide, and either pick a side, embrace the resulting discussion, or turn a blind eye because you don’t want to deal with it.

    This is a pretty photography, I particularly like the lines and shiny things. Could do for more exposure, though, or more flashy things. Maybe more intricate patterns. Yeah, if there were more of the flashy things and squiggles, that would make it cooler. THX 4 posting!

    • Rostislav Alexandrovich

      Its not political as long as you look at it as humans fighting humans – the wrongenss of the whole idea,
      It becomes political when you try to take sides or explain the need of voilence

      • thebeline

        Yes, people fighting people, but political nonetheless.

        Not Political:
        I punch you in the face because your a Mexican and I hate Mexican Food.
        Both of our governments will beat my rear end for that action, and would do the same for you.

        I throw a missile at a school-bus because it is full of children of a different nationality, and my nationality hates that nationality.
        My government is pretty much OK with that, and yours is pretty much OK with you tossing one back at me, or tossing one first, because the hate is mutual.

        Tsk tsk you missile hucking dudes and dudetts, tsk tsk.

        But more tsk tsk to the governments for not coming to an amicable decision with the understanding that if they don’t they are willingly allowing more people to die.

        The biggest irony, killing people over religion. Now, again, can’t hold a stick in that argument, but I generally don’t get that idea…

        So yeah, this is political, and religious, and honestly, the conversations need to be had. The hostile natures over there are a threat to the whole region, and honestly, people just need to realize that we are all the same people, and if you get on good terms, maybe you can share. Right now they are all just making a righteous mess of the joint.

  • thebeline

    Oh also, I can’t see the explosions. Can you show me? It all just looks like city lights and roads. You said there were bombs and rockets, I can’t see them…

  • rea5245

    OK, not political, but also outside the realm of “DIY” photography. Unless I get my own space station (it always comes down to buying more expensive camera equipment! :-) ).

  • Dali

    How is this NOT political ( wink, wink, warcrime ! )

  • Júlia

    also cant hoke an argument about the subject but on the end of one of those lines people died…children died
    and i agree how can this not be politic?

    • Júlia

      can´t hold not hoke…. sorry not my first language

  • echomrg

    it’s Gaza, not Gazza.

  • paul_wall

    can someone point the explosion to me? because i only see hot spots due to light pollution.
    anyway, just a “political” tweet to get attention by the media. move on people, nothing to see here

  • Lana Tenaki

    I don’t see any rockets or explosions.

  • jimhuffman

    I’ve looked at this several times, and I still don’t see the “explosions” or rockets. I have no doubt seeing something like that from space would be extremely powerful, but I just can’t see it in this photo.