Room Sized Lightbox Provides The Perfect Lighting Every Time


One of the first tricks new photographers discover is the ability to place an object in a box with the walls replaced with diffusion material to create even lighting. Of course, any scientific mind will immediately ask, can we make this human size? The answer, is yes!

Photographer Kevin Lynch does just that. Using an array of PVC pipes and fittings, he created a room sized light box. It is actually big enough for a Karate fighter to jump around in.

Now here comes the cool part, having this frame made out of PVC, allows for interchanging fabrics, so it can be a light box, a diffusion box or a black, shadowless box, all depending on the fabric used to cover it.


The main idea is that the only lighting used in the box is the lighting that Kevin Lynch puts in there. He can use strobes or continuous lights or a combination of both knowing that no interference will come from ambient light.

Another option is to place plexiglass on the floor for an added reflection, as Kevin demonstrates in some of the shots.


Taking all this into consideration, for the life of me I can’t understand why Westeren Digital who made the video called this “An easy trick“.

[A Photography Magic Lighting Box Trick That Lets You Shoot Like A Pro  via ISO 1200]

  • Andrew Mikhaylov

    Does it make any sense? Btw there is no any footages of position of light
    relatively to the giant softbox.

  • Jim Johnson

    This is called a light tent and has been around forever. Essentially, this is the way movies were made in the silent era, only the sun was the light source.

  • Khwaja Faraz

    works for everything that isn’t leather (y)

  • Jayson Carey

    I’m not a fan of ANY of the images he showed here. The motion blur plus strobe effect has been done better by countless other photographers.