This Is The Right Way To Safely Strap Your Camera


Under-slang camera straps that use the tripod socket are becoming ever popular, but nothing really makes a bigger fashion statement than the good old way of using a shoulder (or neck) trap to carry your camera around. While getting a strap on a camera seems pretty straight forward, getting the threading wrong can lead to a deadly fall. Over at Wired they provide a detailed picture supported tutorial for right way to strap a camera.

When getting a new strap (or using the one that came with your camera), you also get a buckle and a stopper (for each side). You should use them both.

The gist of it outlined below – the full tutorial, including supporting pictures is available at Wired.

Step 1: First, loop the strap through the eyelet from the outside in. But don’t stop here.

Step 2: In this step, we’re just giving you some slack so that step 3 is easier.

Step 3: Thread the buckle from the inside, top opening first, with the loose end of the strap.

Step 4: When you’re finished, you should have a double loop threaded through each buckle with no dangling loose ends

[The Right Way to Attach Your Camera Strap and Avoid Disaster via lifehacker]

P.S. You should probably rinse and repeat those steps for the other side of the strap as well.

P.P.S. looking for some alternate ways to carry your camera around? Try the Lunch box, Weapons cross and Lazyman’s Hang

  • gregorylent

    poorly written poorly illustrated .. black on black ..will go to the original you scraped

  • Jim Johnson

    The link to wired in the article is broken. It goes to some disqus portal.

    • udi tirosh

      never moderate comments while editing posts :) thanks for the heads up, should be good now.

      • Dan Tauro

        If you are one who never removes the strap. Make it semi permanent with a needle and thread. When you need to remove it a little scissor action and presto you can undo it.

        I guess you could secure the strap with a threaded stud earring too.

  • Robert Miler

    exactly as recommended by the manufacturers, but still good advice.

  • Ryan Filgas

    The strap is still unsafe. Whether you do it correctly or not they still come off. It’s a bad design that should have been scrapped years ago. It needs something to actually secure it to the other part of the strap, a hole for a buckle, something with teeth to grab the fabric, ANYTHING. Hell, back to the old days with metal rings would be safer. There’s a reason people have been buying the alternatives for years. It’s because these are unreliable.

  • Viktor Dite

    Fall jemand eine deutsche Anleitung “Wie befestige ich einen Kameragurt richtig” wünscht, bitteschön: