Reverse Engineer This Light

Reverse That LightUpdate: Full setup description (and a peep to my living room) here. you are still encouraged to do the exercise.

This one is a great exercise if you are into lighting. It is even greater-er if you are into DIY lighting modifiers in particular. You can think about this as a puzzle or a self-test for lighting skills (in which I’d probably fail miserably), or a strobist muscles exercise.

Here is the deal. The portrait on the left was taken 100% with DIY lighting modifiers. The challenge is to reverse engineer the lighting in this picture.

Now, I’ll admit it is not the fanciest setup in the world, but it is all DIYed (With the minor exempt of the actual light sources). Now, since it is all DIY it would be nice to see if the actual projects and mods can be located around this site and the web.

What are you waiting for? break it down in the comments.

Guess That Light

Resolution and peace to the mind will come in two days…

P.S. to watch a full blown version of this portrait go here.

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