Repurposing A Jump Rope As A Camera Pistol Grip

Our favorite maker, Chad Bredahl (previously featured here and here), just released a quickie on how to build a camera Pistol Grip.

A pistol grip is not an expensive item per-se (the great handle from P&C, for example, is about $19), but I love the idea behind it and I think a similar mechanism can definitely be used for other builds as well. And besides, who can resist the chance to dissect a lil girl jump rope.

If you ever tried to shoot video with a DSLR, you’ve probably noticed how quickly your wrist starts to heart. This happen because camera grips were not designed for video. A camera pistol grip changes your hand orientation while holding the camera to a more natural position do it does not get soar after a while. (Kinda similar to how you hold a pistol, hence the name).


  1. cigr says

    This is one of those “almost there” ideas. Seems like a jump rope handle lacks the proper ergonomics. I don’t have a need for one of these, but if I were to build it, I’d use a pistol grip from an AR or AK rifle. It’d be much more comfortable and less likely to slip.

  2. says

    I’m sorry to be “that guy,” but when I read a great blog, I hate to see the wrong words. Don’t you mean “hurt” and “sore,” not “heart” and “soar”?

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