DIY – Release Cable for Canon DSLRs

canon DIY release cableThis is a very simple diagram and instructions for building a shutter release cable for a canon DSLR.

Cable release is that thingamajig you use when you want to activate your camera, but you do not want to touch it. Why would you want t do this? I can think of two reasons: 1 – you do not want to move the camera by pressing the shutter release button. And 2 – you need to stand away from the camera. Compared with Cannon’s RS60 E3 this is a real nice deal.


Here is the list of materials you will need for this project (the total cost is somewhere around 2$).

  • One small 2.5mm stereo jack plug
  • One insulated wire with 3 insulated wires inside. The longer the wire – the longer you will be able to step back :) Telephony wires are ok, and you will have one wire to spear.
  • Two “touch” switches set to the open position
  • A nice box to place switches in.

The diagram is pretty much self explanatory:


– Short circuit from R to ground = half press.

– Short circuit from L to ground = full press.

This article was contributed by Karsten Stroemvig (aka Lullaby)