Reflector Card Cheat Sheet

Reflector Card Cheat SheetMy previous cheat sheet dealt with the impact of light position on portraiture. The idea was that you can print this cheat sheet and carry it around for fast consultation and getting fast results.

My next investigation involved a single flash again (this time shot through a shoot though umbrella) and different uses and positions for a 5 in one reflector.

Again I suggest printing the card so you have a quick look when ever you are not sure of what a certain reflector effect may be.

Reflector Card Cheat Sheet
(Click here for a bigger size, and here for a super size)

The idea is similar to the Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet Card. Try several scenarios using a 5 in 1 reflector and create a quick reference card that one (especially I) can use at the time of need

What’s in The Card?

Like the previous card, this card has three rows, each row displays a different comparison that has to do with using a reflector.

The first row shows the different color bounce you get when using the different “covers” of the 5-in-1 reflector. Here are some nice things I have noticed:

The black reflector will give a darker left side then no reflector at all. This is because the black card blocks (the small amount of) light bouncing from the wall on camera left.

The Silver coat will give a better bounce then the white no-coat.

Yossi is happiest with no reflector at all

The second line compares different positions for the reflector. I used a white reflector in all pictures but the leftmost one, where I used gold.

One thing I could not accomplish is using the reflector to get good hair light. Maybe it was the angle, maybe the distance, I am not sure.

I liked the “under fill” where the reflector is being held by Yossi and reduces eye shadow and neck shadow.

Lastly you can always use the reflector disc as a quick background.

Again, Yossi is happiest with no reflector at all.

The third row demonstrates the use of three different reflectors: A “real” 5-in-1 reflector disc; a white foam board, and a white tee-shirt (which can be a great flash bounce).

I’d say that the white foam board provides the best reflection, but is very hard to carry around.

I’d also say that you are stack with no equipment at all, you can always use a white tee shirt to get some reflection and open up some of the shadows.

Using the Cheat Sheet Reflector Card

Whenever you have only one light source and you are wondering how a reflector can open some of the shadows or create a warming/cooling effect you have a quick look at the card and get reminded.

I also find that it is a good idea to print the card and carry it in your camera bag for ideas and inspiration.

Creating the reflector Card

Below you will find the basic setup for taking Yossi’s portrait shots. I used a Nikon SB 800 triggered remotely fired into a westcott 43″ shoot through umbrella.

Reflector Card Cheat Sheet

And here is a picture of me holding the foam board – you can get it at Office Depot or your local art store for almost no money at all.

Reflector Card Cheat Sheet

Sharing the Cheat Sheet

I placed the Portrait Lighting Reflector Cheat Sheet Card under CC license. Feel free to download it, print it and spread it around.

Have any idea on how else you can use this card? Hit me in the comments.