Readers Projects – The CD Spindle Ringflash

photography_ring_flash_b2541835a3.jpgDIYP reader Chaval Brasil came up with an ingenious way to create a ring flash. By routing the light from a hot shoe flash to a CD spindle, Chaval was able to surround his lens with light. Chaval joins a long tradition of readers projects that we had here on DIYP (see The Food Saver Omnibounce, Thomas Schwenger Complete Two Seconds Lighting Kit, and The Christmas Tree Ring Light for more readers projects).

As you can see from the with/without sample shot it creates a great effect. Shadows are softer, and “surround” the object in all directions. Check out more photos taken with this ringflash here.


Here is what I like with this project:

– Cost is about 0 Dollars – Ok, 1 Dollar if you had to buy some cardboard.
– It is light, and does not need construction to be supported
– Preparation time: about 20 minutes

I like this prototype, and I think it can be even better if the following additions were made

– Add some diffusion material on the front of the spindle: silk, sketching paper, anything semi-translucent

– Chaval complains on light loss. I would cover the interior of the cardboard tubing with some aluminum foil like Nick has done here, and I did here. It will help to reduce light loss to minimum.

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