Readers Projects – Strap it on Baby

diy_hand_strap_ben.jpgI have to hand to you, Ever since I started the “Readers Projects” Quest, I’ve been getting a ton of great DIY/Photography ideas and projects. After hitting it with the Thomas Schwenger’s Complete Two Seconds Lighting Kit and the Christmas Tree Ring Light comes Ben’s great project that does not have to do with lighting but can defiantly improve you life if you are one of those photographers that use a hand strap but disappointed from what the market has to offer.

The DIY Hand Strap

Ben Plaut was not a happy camper; he was tired of those neopropene straps that make your hand sore.

Luckily for Ben (and for us), Ben had the equivalent of baggage store floating around in his garage (or God-knows-where). Ben has Mcgiverly turned those into a comfy hand strap.

There are two tips Ben gives for free: Seal your edges off with a match or a lighter; and Use meat scissors. While I totally agree to the first, I could not – for the life of me – explain what meat scissors are.

– See the complete list of parts here.
– See the final product here.