Readers Projects – DIY Spider Light by Alex Campagna

spiderlight_2435827940.jpgThe Readers Project column is one of my favorite columns in the DIYP. It is a column that brings you DIYP readers to front page and let you share your experience with the rest of DIYP community. (See the bottom of this post for more projects).

There are actually a few ways to get featured in the Readers Projects column: you can post the setup and explanation to the Flickr Image Pool or Discussion threads; you can drop me a note, or you can give me a call (ok, no one has actually done this yet, but I am open…)

Spiderlights are a great source of light. Basically a Spiderlight is a mount with five sockets with which you can do whatever lighting you want: fluorescent or PL bulbs, hot lights or bulb-strobes (Jim from ProPhotoLife has a great comparison of your options here). The only rebuke is the price: if you want to get your hand on one of those, be prepared to bye-bye a few hundreds of dollars.

This is why the Spiderlite project made by Alex Campagna (flickr) gave me such a big buzz.

Alex used his woodworking skills (combined with good inspiration and some hard work) to build a spider light. It looks just like a professional grade product, so it can be taken on location. It features a half power mode. And it can be used inside a softbox. What else do you need? You can read the how I made it post on Alex’s Blog (or on DIYP Flickr group).

To add some cream to the spiderlight, Alex built a sofbox to accommodate it. What I like about the design is that the box is round like professional sofboxes. And Alex shares this design in his blog (and DIYP group) as well. Alex also posted the template for making round sofboxes – so it is time to stop being square.


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