Quickie: Use a Welding Glass As A 14 Stops ND Filter

Twelding glass as a 10 stop filter ake a smooth water image at the middle of the day with super bright sun above?

You must be kidding me. It would take at least a 10 seconds exposure. Even at f/16 the sun is too strong to do long exposures. Can anyone pull that off? As a good friend of mine said, YES.WE.CAN!

Kevin Longwill has the perfect solution for this: a 10 stop ND filter. O, not exactly a filter. More of a little hack.

Kevin used welding glass sheet placed in front of the lens as a 10 stops ND filter. It is optically superior? No. Will it do the trick? Yes.

Porthaw Beach (by Longshanks100)Kudos to Kevin for the creative idea. See how the beach looks like with normal exposure with the image on the left. It is ISO 200, f/6.3 @1/800. Now back to the filtered image: it is ISO 400 (not really sure why), f/9 @ 30 seconds. A 14 stops diff.

Do you have other cool filters? Share with us on the comments. (First one is from me: The Anything Filter)