The Quickest Workflow To Get 24P Raw Video On A 5DmkIII

A few days back we reported about the Magic Lantern team hacking a 5DmkIII to shoot 24p RAW video (probably the best thing that ever happened to Canon, even if they did not mean that).

The Quickest Workflow To Get 24P Raw Video On A 5DmkIII

While this was super good news, the process of getting the files out of the camera and convert them to a RAW video was a bit cumbersome involving windows, mac, and after effects.

The good folks at Cinema5D just released a video explaining the fasted workflow to get a 5DmkII ML RAW file stream to RAW video. (movie after the jump)

The workflow involves 7 simple steps:

  1. Download the RAW files from the memory card
  2. Use ML’s raw2dng app that converts the files into DNG files
  3. Open the first file in photoshop RAW engine and perform any adjustments.
  4. Use the converted image and sync the settings to all the frames.
  5. “Save All” to TIFF files.
  6. Use QuickTime and “open sequence” and import the files. (I assume Premiere can do the same)
  7. Export to ProRes

There you go. Pretty straight forward now.

[via GUIDE: Get 24p RAW on a 5D mark III (Magic Lantern)]

  • David O’Sullivan

    Is there an advantage of using Photoshop ACR over Lightroom???

  • Louis van Zyl

    I can confirmthat you can actually import stills sequences direct into Premiere and you are able to skip the extra conversion step required with QuickTime if you want to use FCP.