The Quickest Workflow To Change a DSLR Camera Lens

Usually we share Jasmine Star‘s wedding photography tips, but today we are sharing something a bit different from her. A quick and relatively fireproof way to change the lens on a DSLR. Timed at about six seconds per swap, here is how she does it.

The Quickest Workflow To Change a DSLR Camera Lens

If you look, you’ll notice that the system is build on two parts:

1. Quick access side bag (On the video Jasmine is using an ONA Brooklyn bag, but I suspect any side-bag will work for that). and

2. not using lens caps. Instead Jasmine removes the caps at the beginning of a shoot and re-places them on the lenses at the end of the shoot. 

How To Quickly Change A Digital SLR Camera Lens | Jasmine Star

  • blubb

    no caps on the mount-side…?!?

  • John DM

    and no lens hoods, either

  • girl


  • manu
  • futhark

    Using a neck strap is quicker because you don’t have to hold the camera and can have one lens in each hand, and also the time that camera doesn’t have any lens is less.

  • Yuri P.

    Should not the camera be held mount-side down to minimize dust risk?

    • patiferoolz

      i think dust is not an issue here, since she don’t even use caps

  • pichula


  • André Moecke

    to much time with the camera opened..

  • Danny Bailey

    Most important factor overlooked…. turn the camera off . With it on the sensor is like a dust magnet.

    • Desmond Crusoe

      Kind of defeats the purpose… I do it all the time at weddings. Just have the camera face down to avoid dust.

  • Robert Paul

    Y’all are a little too worried about the lens being off the camera … it’s 3 seconds.

    • gking86

      Yeah… I’ve been doing it this way for about 5 years, and have never had a problem with dust on the sensor. I’d sure hate to have to deal with lens caps while shooting a wedding.

  • Ed Velez

    Sorry, I dont think its worth the time saved to actually place an expensive lens between your forearm and your body, then hold the body in one hand the lens in the other and expect or hope that the lens with no hands will stay where you want it to stay. If I dont have my hand on that lens its not going on or coming off my camera. Too many ways for that one lens to just drop straight to the ground.

  • Eli C.

    What does she do, use somebody else’s lenses? No way I’d do this to my glass.

  • Robert Miler

    I’m a freak about my rear lens caps, more than the front. no way I would take any of these risks to save 10 seconds. A second body sounds like a better idea to me.

  • Jon Decker

    This reminds me of those kids with the cups. Not the best use of cups, but they are fast.

  • Jon Decker

    There’s no strap on the body either. I can see dropping the uncapped lens into a space/pouch like on my LowePro belt, but the lack of some sort of safety net makes me think there’s either a lot of expendable income in play here or it’s a rental.

  • O’donell

    So it does show how quick a lens can be detached from the camera body and be replaced by another lens, but with the lenses having no cover cap and the bag lining probably not anti-static, all those fibers and dust will surely stick on the lens end will go to the sensor as she leaves the camera on, this video tutorial is not worth it to save time cleaning up in post processing a hundred or so photos. Most professional photographers would come with two cameras and different focal length to cover wide and telephone shoots. This is totally bad work flow to begin with.

  • jim

    Wonder who she stole this crappy idea from? Much like her stealing of twitter quotes.

  • Charles O. Slavens

    She walks around in the job with the rear lens caps off her lenses that are sitting in the bottom of a dirty camera bag? She’d only do that once. Unless she likes a lotta post production work. Gimmiabreak!

  • jak

    Guess shes never dropped a lens in the swamp, while being chased by alligators,trying to get pics of wood ducks in the rain.

  • Rusty

    Great video and tip! I need to get a better side bag. But I love the ease of changing lenses.

  • Idiophonics

    Just buy a second body. Good glass is worth more than the body….protect them. And dust travels up especially when the camera is on so holding it face down does not prevent dust.

  • Linuxito

    I always use dust caps on front and rear. So, changing lens don’t look so easy as that. I care about my lens. Dust and humidity can destroy your lenses.