Quick Tip: Using 35mm Film With Lomography’s Belair X 6-12

Lomography’s Belair X 6-12 is a beautiful bellows based 6×12 medium-format camera. As you probably know medium format film is getting harder and harder to get by (not to mention having it developed).

Flickr user ext237 found the perfect solution, adapt the Belair to 35mm film using nothing more than two pieces of Styrofoam. Now, even 35mm is getting harder to find and develop by the say, but it’s still cheaper and more accessible than medium format film.

Bellaire 6-12 6x9 hack for 35mm film

If you prefer not “spoiling” this beauty with Styrofoam pieces, there is a dedicated 35mm back too.

This is a great hack and if anyone tried it on other cameras please share with us.

  • Denise Miller Mauzy

    Wouldn’t the styrofoam flake off and affect the camera/film?

    • Rick

      Even if it did, wouldn’t it only add interest to a lomo image? :)

      Look closely at the image, it doesn’t look like the beaded kind of foam. It looks like the coarser open cell kind and that is fairly tough stuff.

  • Bill Magee

    FYI, the film emulsion is facing the wrong direction. The anti-reflection coating (shiny side) on the film goes out.

    • http://www.diyphotography.net/ udi tirosh

      I think this is intentional to get a Red Scale effect

  • Jeffus

    Al the mistakes enhance the Lomo effect…

  • matt haines

    It’s really not that hard to find medium format film! I shoot lots of medium format film (220 even, not just 120) at every wedding I do (and the rest is 35mm film). I mean sure it’s fun to have images on the sprocket holes with this camera hack, but lack of MF film isn’t a reason to do this!