Quick Tip: Semi Improvised Sand Bags

Gravel BagsA few days ago, I shared how I took photographs for an instructions manual.

There was lot of good feedback on that post and the subsequent session went much smoother with white sheets on the bottom.

One thing that I wanted to linger a bit on is the improvised sandbag that counter balanced the camera. (See circle 5).

Top down instructions shoot

Actually is not a sandbag – it is a gravel bag. I don’t like sand, and an accident can cost in a nice afternoon of cleaning. I like fine gravel. Way more easy to handle and store.

So, that particular gravel bag that counter balances the camera on the picture below, is the bad I usually use to counter balance my strobe on a boom.

I use zip lock (and sometimes, a zip lock within a Ziploc) that can hold about 3 kilos of gravel (the one in the picture has two) and I use two A clamps to fasten it to the end of the boom.

Gravel Bags

There you have it, a 2 minutes sand gravel bag.

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