Quick Tip: Free-lensing SLR Lenses With Micro 4/3 Bodies

Here is a great free-lensing tip courtesy of DIYP reader Timothy Blair. In a nutshell, free-lensing is creating a tilt/shift lens by separating a lens from the camera body and holding it by hand. You can read a few tutorials on the method here and here.

The problem is that free-lensing with a full sized DSLR lens on a micro 4/3 body leave quite a bit of a gap for dust to sneak in on your sensor.

Quick Tip: Free-lensing SLR Lenses With Micro 4/3 Bodies

Timothy built a sweet and quick free-lensing adapter that stops both the light and the dust from creeping into the sensor. The adapter is built from a hollowed out rear lens cap and a bicycle inner tube. The two flaps keeps the light and dust out while hand holding that lens.

  • tom

    it doesn’t seems like foamy .. it seems more like rubber from tire pneumatic

    • bob

      It’s a bicycle inner tube.

      • http://www.diyphotography.net/ udi tirosh

        fixed on the post.

  • http://www.vividthemes.net/ Aleksandar

    I have seen too many posts with various solutions for free lensing how to adapt them. But it’s really weird that no one even thought of using car parts for a solution and i bet it would be best possible solution for free lensing. I don’t know the word in other language but we call it “manzetna” here. It’s very common piece of flexible rubber part used in cars and it comes in various sizes and shapes, and that would be my first idea if i would build adapter for free-lensing. Just google images it to see what i mean by “manzetna”. And best part is that you can find them in any car store and cost from 2-5$

    • Outinthedark

      I used a bicycle inner tube for my DIY setup. Worked out well for me.