Quick Tip: Desktop Cable Management

Quick Tip: Desktop Cable ManagementOK, anyone with less than four cables sticking out of their computer USB ports raise your hand? It’s a mess, right?

This little trick comes to bring order where cable chaos once ruled.

Thanks to the aid of Metal Binder Clips. yea, the ones you used to hand Dire Straits posters when you were young. Wait, you did not hang Dire Straits posters? am… well….. hit the jump then.

The idea is simple, cables make a mess, cuz they don’t know where to go. We are going to tell them.

A stack of metal binder clips is the perfect accessory to let each cable know where to go (and where not to go). The pictures is kinda self explanatory. (and iPhone cable, my cards readers cable, the mic and USB cam.

binders for cables

I also use those to direct/mount my set of skype headphones.

binders for ear set