Quick Tip: How To Create Artistic Soft Photos With Any Camera


Here is a fun creative trick for adding a ‘look’ to a photo. Photographer Simon Bolz shares a quick and dirty way to create a soft photo in camera by holding a small piece of glass or plastic in front of the lens while you shoot.

The trick is quite simple, hold a translucent object in front of the lens and move it around. As you move it you will get different softening patterns, depending on location and angle, you may also be able to catch some sun rays to either create a reflection or a light leak / burn / flare effect.

Head over to InMyBag for the full read.

P.S. If you don’t have any glass available, a nylon bag would do the trick.

  • Derp the derptographer

    Ironic. $5000+ camera, $2000+ lens, then screw up picture quality with $0.001 plastic bag so it looks like $1 disposable film camera went wrong. Whyyyyyyyyyy?!

    • Markui

      Yeah like everyone uses high end cameras and lenses. Have thought about people using cheaper cameras with basic prime lenses?

      • John C

        Same thing applies with a $500 camera, or even a $250 camera

  • http://www.joelmeaders.com/ Shifty303

    Why does everyone like this look? I think it’s crappy and distracting. You could reproduce the same effect by simply posing a ghost in front of your model or by spitting on your lens. Plus you get the added benefit of having both hands free to further ruin your photo in imaginative ways.