Quick Tip: Cable Wrapping 101

A few months back I was in Oregon doing a video shoot for an upcoming DIYP product. The sound man was the uber talented Matthew Monroe (you know, the Nasty Clamps guy).

Quick Tip: Cable Wrapping 101

As we were wrapping up the shoot, I saw Matt flying towards my direction screaming <slow-mo>noooooooo!!!!!!</slo-mo>. It turned out that I was wrapping the audio cables the wrong way. Being a former boy scout I handled the cables in the same manner that I treated ropes: rolled them over elbow and palm. Matt accused me of being a cable trainer as my method of wrapping the cables was wrong altogether. It “Trained” the cable to be in bad form, so it would be hard to make it right long after I was gone.

Matt then explained that you have to do the half twist thing so the cable can roll out nicely. It is kinda hard to explain it in words, but there is a nice video by showing how it is done after the jump.

[How to Wrap a Video Cable Properly via slr lounge]

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