Quick, Clever and Easy Method to Correct Skin Tones in Portraits

When shooting portraits, getting the right skin tones is not a trivial task. Differences in lighting, skin tan and other factors can create uneven skin tones which our brains usually compensates in ‘real life’, but they can be quite distrusting when looking in a portrait.

Photographer Michael Woloszynowicz shares quite an easy method for correcting skin tones that automates the hardest part of the process – getting the correct skin tone to correct with.


Michael’s method an action (that you can download here). Using the action is as easy as selecting the ‘right color’, the color that you want to adjust, running the action and masking in the areas that you want to fix. (the name of the action, on the other hand is ‘vs tonal div fix subtracted average color adjustment‘, good thing that you only need to run it and not say it).

[How to Easily Correct Colors and Match Tones in Photoshop | Michael Woloszynowicz via Fstoppers]