PVC Studio Lights With An Attitude

PVC Studio Lights With An AttitudeMechanical Mashup is a site to my taste. It is a new and fresh pod/video cast thing with great DIY tutorials. Lots of Photography, but also other fun hacks and ideas for the DIY lovers. And to top sugar with chocolate, you got to love those guys attitude.

One of their latest creations is a video describing how to build a PVC and coroplast continuous light system. (Videos, yup plurals,  after the jump).The first video is a continuous light system which I really love. It combines the advantages of contentious light spiderlight with my love for PVC kits. The cool thing is that you can actually see how the system was built as it is a video, and just an “ordinary” pictured tutorial.

The nice thing about continuous light systems is that unlike small flashes, you get to see the lighting as you build the picture. The device by MM will also throw enough light to take a decent picture. Just make sure you use CFLs with the same white balance and preferably from the same exact model.

The next cool installment is a DIY for building a barn door for halogen lights. I am not a big fan of those lights as they take up a lot of juice and produce huge amount of heat, but they seem very popular with videographers. At any rate, the barn door idea is cool for itself and if you are using Halogens you definitely want some way to control that flood of light.

Likey? Jump over to Mechanical Mashup to get more of their great stuff.