PSA: Always Remeber To Sandbag Your C Stand

Earlier this year, southern California was hit with several big storms. Home owners used sand bags to protect their houses from the 14-16 feet high waves. In a wonderful gesture, community volunteers at Seal Beach helped residents fill up sand bags which are used to block the wave’s impact.

CBS local reporter Michele Gile was covering this event on site. Ironically it looks like Gile may have been caught up in a sand bag situation of her own. Youtuber GasperEdits shares an out-take showing why it is so critical to always, always sandbag your C-stands.

[Always remeber to sandbag your C Stand]

P.S. We are giving away karma points if you spot the irony

  • innovatology

    You really need to proof-read your posts. No, really.

    • joe_average

      if you’re looking for articles with snobbery words and bullet-proof editors, go to the ny or washington times. otherwise, read for content and quit complaining. can’t you read over errata? really.

      • Aankhen

        ‘snobbery words’? Heh.

  • David Arthur

    baahaha they were filling sandbags at the location!! There had to have been sandbags EVERYWHERE! Can’t you borrow one?!?

  • Morgan Glassco

    Oh man the irony!!