Programmable RGB LED Orb Tool for Light Painting Photography

You know what you get when you cross programming and photography? Kick bottoms light painting. A year ago today we featured Michael Ross’s (a.k.a. TxPilot) Digital Light Wand. It is a wonderful Arduino based tool that creates pictures in mid air.

Well, Michael is at it again. Yesterday Michael released his tutorial for a programmable Orb. (click here if you need an orb primer).

Similarly to the wand, the Programmable LED Orb Tool (o.k. you are PLOT from now on)… so similarly to the wand, the PLOT takes any bitmap or jpg image and converts it to a pattern that Arduino can understand. The method of using a jpeg to create the light pattern is just too awesome to be true and allows the creation of wonderful photographs.

After the Rain

The nice thing about it is that once you download the PC side software you don’t need any programming skills to load the Arduino. On the flip side, you need to know the spin speed to create accurate paintings.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My question is who will give this project speed sensing so it can make accurate pictures on without knowing the spin speed.

Here are some images of the PLOT and of the software used to mount the images.

[Programmable RGB LED Orb Tool Tutorial]

  • Rob T

    Michael, I was assigned the class project of making your Orb. Bought all the stuff you linked to and met with the partners in my group and we’re stuck on the Arduino Board Mega 2560. It says we’ve programed it properly but we can only get one light to light up (of 24). Went to the Arduino website and could not get it working after carefully following their steps.

    I donated $22 to your cause via PayPal. Can you point me a direction? Steer me to an in depth link? I’m list and frustrated. I think I’m not connecting to the board correctly.