Printing The Flash Mounted homemade DIY Softbox

Studio Lighting - Flash Mounted homemade DIY SoftboxI got lots of comments and question asking how to print the flash mounted homemade diy softbox. Some readers have had trouble printing the diagram on multiple pages.

One of readers was kind enough to help me figure out why it was not printing on some computers. Are you having the same troubles? Do not despair.

It appears that the driver for the mdi format I was using to span the print over several pages is not installed by default when you install office. Look at this Microsoft article to learn how to install the driver for this file.

The good side is that the solution will work great if you have windows and office installed. The bad side is that if you are using one of the cooler operating systems like Linux or Mac, it will not.

If you know how to make it print on multiple pages on Mac hit me in the comments.

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