Print Your Own Tilt-Shift Lens

A few weeks back I wrote about what rapid prototyping is doing to the traditional photography industry (well, any industry for that matter).

Print Your Own Tilt-Shit Lens

So it was a nice surprise to see this printable micro 4/3 tilt shift lens project from Joe Murphy. It is based upon the popular plunger lenses from Bhautik Joshi but is more rigid and does not use a toilet accessory.

That specific lens fits the MTF system, but the tutorial explains how to make lenses for other types of mounts.

The only think lacking in this system is a good name, “Tilt-Shift Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter” is not very catchy. I suggest “The Bender“.

Below is a short tutorial on how to make this lens (or order one using its thingiverse object), and tweak it for others systems, followed by some sample shots.

Print Your Own Tilt-Shit Lens

Print Your Own Tilt-Shit Lens

Print Your Own Tilt-Shit Lens

Printable Tilt-Shift Lens Adapter via instructables

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