Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

GoPro’s latest Hero 3+ made a cool move when (among other things) added 30% battery time bringing the camera about 40 minutes of recording time at real-life conditions.

Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

If you need more time than this you have several DIY options and several USB based options. I not a big fan of either. The folks at P&C came up with the Tehkron CagePro + GoPro cage.

Basically it is a cage like the one you’d use for DSLRs with two clever additions:

  • You can power a GoPro of a regular LP-E6 Canon battery and
  • You get a 62mm mounting thread for filters.

I can see how changing the battery on a GoPro can be a crappy task, especially if it is mounted in a hard to reach spot. The added power will let you record for over 4 hours per battery swap. (At the cost of about 60 USD per battery).

Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

You can use the added filter thread for an ND filter or a CPL filter giving you better control over exposure.

The CagePro is compatible with both the Hero3 and the Hero3+ as long as you use the Hero3 skeleton housing.

Here is the description as written over at P&C:

“Our unique Patent Pending design solves several problems for filmmakers who use the GOPRO HERO3 / HERO3+in professional production and broadcast environments. First and foremost, our cage offers additional mounting points – an important feature to minimize vibrations when rigging the GOPRO to cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, and more.

The CagePro also incorporates a 62mm threaded filter ring to further improve the image quality from the GOPRO HERO3 / HERO3+ Cameras. By adding an ND Filter you can reduce shutter speeds on bright days which can help to reduce Jello and Rolling Shutter effects. Or slap on a CPL (circular polarizing) filter to reduce glare on reflective surfaces and enhance color saturation in skies, oceans, and trees.

Our most innovative feature pumps power to your Hero3 through a common LP-E6 battery (Canon DSLR Type)! A single Canon LP-E6 Battery can provide more than 5 hours of run time on a single charge. A perfect solution for long video takes, or a full day of Time Lapse projects.

Operating sounds simple – you slide the Gopro into its cage (the skeleton, non water proofed one) and slide that into the CagePro. The CagePro has an internal USB connection that charges the GoPro battery so the camera still runs of its original battery.

Powering a GoPro With LP-E6 Canon Batteries

There are two versions: one with a handle for $180 and a more basic one for $150. Both have added mounting points, so I guess your choice mostly depends on if you are going to be hand holding the camera or mounting it to be stationary.

[CagePro By Tehkron $150 – $180 at Photography and Cinema]

  • Kevin

    How smart are these? Lithium batteries are touchy beasts. They need overheat protection and over discharge protection. The overheat is internal to the battery, but the over discharge is controlled by the camera. Does this case make sure to turn off when it gets to 3v?

    • kevin again

      er… 6v because it’s 3v per cell and the battery package has two cells inside.

      • Rick

        er… 7.4v because it’s 3.7v per cell and the battery package has two cells inside. Fresh off the charger its probably pumping 8.4v so there is definitely some stepping going on before it goes into the 5V USB input. Hopefully protection is part of the stepping process (but I wouldn’t get my hopes up).

        • still kevin

          Lithium batteries should not go below 2.5v per cell, so most protection circuits shut them off at 3v per cell.

  • joe_average

    shell out $180? hardly a diy post?! my sony action cam (as15, $200) gets almost 3 hours on battery! and 2x extra batteries for $20, ftw! but, I guess if you went with gopro (black 3+, $400) you got money to burn anyway…

  • alex

    i received this and regretted that i order one. It is flimsy and cheap plastic part. The usb cable is not even solder to the board, it is glue to the board. WTF??

  • Marcus Wolschon

    Why put the GoPro into a case and that case into another case?
    The Cage is supposed to just replace the Skelleton housing!
    It’s a way overpriced, not included accessory anyway!
    That would probably have brought the filter thread near enough to use a more common 56 or 55mm.