Portraits Of People Wrapped In Rubber Bands

Photographer Wes Naman is no stranger to the world of weird pain inducing photography in the most hilarious way possible. He swept over the web once with his series of people wrapped in Scotch Tape, and now Wes is at it again with a new series of portraits of musicians encaged in rubber bands, while wearing a band T.

rubber band series

Naman explains to Wired about his motivation for using bands and musicians:

“Naman also wanted the rubber-band project to be about more than just photography and decided to photograph only musicians, dressed in some sort of band T-shirt. It’s partially a silly play on words (music bands and rubber bands) and something of an attempt at grass-roots marketing for local musicians, several of whom he’s friends with. Albuquerque’s art scene often lives in the shadow of Santa Fe’s, and he hopes that after people check out the photos they’ll also check out the bands.#

If you are not really sure how this feels like, it should be pretty easy to take a selfie like this. The video below explains the process.

If you do make a selfie, please show us in the comments. Should be fun.

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

rubber band series

You can check the entire series over at Wes’s site, all images are (C) Wes Naman / TandemStock.com

[rubber band series via Wired]

  • farmhog

    oh my.

    • Rick

      Yup, that about sums it up.

  • Serdar

    is this art or what ?

    • 23323

      its social media hyped crap…..

      • farmhog

        Post dumb pics to 500K strangers then feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.

    • Dawid

      Freaks me out… must be art!

  • mike


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  • Elie

    WTF kind of crap is that?
    Are we running out of ideas and think we’re being creative that way?
    there’s nothing interesting about this, just plain stupid.

  • pubilius

    Now go and laugh at the funny faces when someone with a deformity walks into the room. Do we really need to make people look this way?

  • Chris

    I think they’re awesome, some people just can’t think outside of the box, so they will never understand these kind of things.