Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway

UPDATE2: For a Flickr picture to be eligible to participate it must
have a short (or long explanation on why you took the portrait / the
person means something for you)

UPDATE1: See some Q&A at the bottom. I’ll update those as more questions come in.

A little while back, Alasdair Townsend, one of the makers of Portrait Professional, sent me a copy of Portrait Professional 8 to play with. Apart from the great fun that I had with the software (review coming soon), he also suggested to give three copies of Portrait Professional 8 as contest prizes.
– No Way!
– Way! And to make it even better, I’ll make those giveaways the studio high end version. (Valued at 239.95 USD).

So what do you have to do to win one of those three copies? You have three options to submit an entry:

1. A Black and White Portrait

The first way to win a copy of Portrait Professional 8 is to submit a black and white portrait. The only two rules here are that the portrait must be in black and white and that it needs to be of someone meaningful to you.

This someone can be a family member, a close friend or any other person who has positive impact on your life. In the picture description, write why this person is meaningful for you.

You can submit a portrait to the contest by sending it to the DIYP Flickr group and tagging it with "DIYP" and "pp8giveaway". You can see all the submissions here (slideshow).

The judge for the Black and white portrait section is Brian – fine art – Auer of Epic Edits, Photo Net Cast and the Fine Art Photoblog.

2. A Color Portrait

The second way to win a copy of portrait professional 8 is to submit a color portrait. The rules are similar: Post a portrait of someone meaningful in your life, be it your wife, husband, child, parent, friend. Anyone for whom you feel strongly. Post the portrait to DIYP’s Flickr pool and tag it with "DIYP" and "pp8giveaway". You can see all the submissions here (slideshow).

This portrait will be picked by no other then Jim – Studio Master -Talkinton from Pro Photo Life.

3. A Portrait Tip

The third way to win a copy or Portrait Professional 8 is to submit a portrait tip. It can be a tip about lighting, posing, post processing, models, anything as long as it has to do with portraits and photography.

At the and of this giveaway, I will post all the tips and award the wining tip with a copy of PP8.

You can submit a tip by sending me an email, or by making a blog post that links to this post and letting me know about it.

For both portraits, you are welcomed to download and try PP8. If you have any comments about the software, send them at this Flickr thread.

Contest will be open for one month, until September 4th, at which point I will gather up the submissions and announce the winning portrait and tips.

Good Luck!

Some Q&A:

Q:  Do I need tp put a comment on this post to participate?
A: You can, but you don’t have to. All entries are found in the Flickr pool. (or in my mail box)

Q: Do I need to submit three items to participate?
A: You can, however, they will be counted as three separate entries. it is enough to make one of the entries to participate. (You triple your chances if you post three…)

Q: Is the contest open for non US residents?
A: YES! pictures of all countries welcomed.

Q: So…. When is the deadline?
A: September 4th.

Q: I tagged my pics with DIYP and pp8giveaway, but my pictures are not showing, why?
A: if you are new to flickr, it may take up to 48 hours for your pictures to display, look here.

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