Portable “Kino Flo” Setup Explained

Portable "Kino Flo" Setup ExplainedAbout a week ago we shared a sweet little video by Tristan Shea Penner showing the flattering results made with a DIY setup similar to Peter Hurley‘s Kino Flo setup.

While the video showed the awesome photographs that resulted from using the setup, you needed a sharp eye to hunt the different build parts and schematics scattered around the video. We asked for it and here it is. Tristan shared the build diagram.

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Portable "Kino Flo" Setup Explained

If you still wanna get even more, you can follow Scott Huck‘s second by second break down on how to reverse-engineer the build.

florescent fixtures x6 (2 on left, 2 on top, 2 on right)
@ .44sec you can see 2 banks connected together.

@ 1.10 you can see his original window view construction with 1 piece
of wood. He later breaks them down into 3 separate pieces 

@ 1.16 you can see the deer head on the wall at the far left. FYI …
@ 1.28 you can see the light side (this shows you a lot!)
At the bottom of the lights, you can see a junction box where there is a 8-12′ extenuation cord to plug in.
@ 1.53 you can see the deer again (it’s huge)

@ 1.54 in the video, you can see the 3 piece setup from behind very well.
1/4″ plywood 4’x8′ cut into 3 roughly 1’x5′

It’s pretty clear how he attached the wood to the 4 stands, using U
bolts (Crown Bolt 5/16 in. x 1-3/8 in. x 2-1/2 in. Coarse Zinc-Plated #
320 U-Bolt)

@ 2.48 Tristan admits he’s going to have to make some tweaking!

Get the full PDF over at Tristans‘s blog

  • Anonymous

    One thing i don’t get it is how to hang this kino flo on tripod stand? I don’t see any information about it. Anyone?

  • Yash

    what type of bracket is being used to mount the light to the lightstand