Pool Portraits – A Splash Of People

As I said in the previous pool post, I am dedicating this pool to portraits. I was happy to discover (not that I did not know already) the diversity and variety of portraiture in the pool.

Then again, with 3,294 Members members this is no big surprise. If you have not joined DIYP Flickr group already, you are welcomed to so now. It is a great place to chat, explore images and share knowledge.

I did a little change in the way I am selecting the pictures, so if you see a new featured-on-diyp tag on your image, don’t be alarmed. It means that your image will appear in DIYP pool post.

Richard at Work (Brian Auer) Original Available. Chris & Rebbecca's Engagement shoot (TomJanz.com) sg1 (phox3x50x) JumpShot 4 (Adam Melancon) Original Available. Plastique (Chris Farrugia) Looking into the well (Salvatore Falcone)
Music sitting on the Stairs of Reason (Salvatore Falcone) Filipe (// antóniochagas) Original Available. _MG_9447-Edit (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com) a2 copy (phox3x50x) Thoughtful (Salvatore Falcone) _MG_9797-Edit (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com)
 (mubidu) Friends (beldyga.com) Recursividad (ovejanegra) Original Available. In pigtails (Salvatore Falcone) Drae Chair 1 (SSB Photo) Wrong Number (JonathanRobsonPhotography.com)
firstdance1 (v_tofu) Garter grab (v_tofu) libby 2 (mitch.vid) Sexy! (Yon Pol Fotografía (PRO no more)) Project I, Submission 1 (Rishi S) Original Available. little model on trampoline (gorrr) Original Available.
Lindsay (Digital Kloc Photography) SP (4/52) (grilkip) Today I'm fine.... (idathue) Original Available. gina (chris challoner) Original Available. Trumpet Man (justin_elbert) Original Available. Master Photographer with his Leica (justin_elbert) Original Available.
Flowers are cool! (justin_elbert) Original Available. Petaling St. (Julian Chin) Jill_Shoot1_040908_43 (justin_elbert) Original Available. Holga Karate Girl (rahuldlucca) Original Available.

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