Poll: Where Are You Positioned On The Amateur-Pro Sequence?

So, this question has been on my mind for a long time now. I would love to know where do you stand on the amateur vs. pro sequence.

There are many definitions both for being an amateur or for being a pro. Some have to do with gear, some with the amount of time allocated to photography and some with passion. What I think is that as time goes by this distinction is becoming less obvious. It is not one or another but rather a sequence that starts at one end and concludes on the other.

One of the ways to make this distinction is to see how much of one’s income is made of photography.

I will be doing more of these poll, because it helps me to learn about you and because it could be fun to learn who are the readers around you.

At least for now, you can also find this (and the next) polls on the bottom right hand side of the blog as this post will slowly go down and out the front page.